Every type of infrared heater has its pros and cons, so do these. Read on to find out what are the benefits and downsides, to understand how they compare other types and if it will be the best choice for you.

The Benefits

  • Instant heat. Unlike other types of heaters that work by warming the air in the room, infrared heaters provide heat directly to objects surrounding it. They rapidly produce heat and direct it toward an object in a very precise beam. These heaters are great for warming up if you are sitting stationary right in front of the unit with the heat directed right onto you. Also, if you are stepping in from the cold, with an infrared heater you can quickly warm up.
  • Silent. This type of heaters doesn’t use a fan, they only radiate light. They work silently, making them perfect for noise-sensitive environments. So you can place them even in your bedroom.
  • Gentle warmth. The heating element is wrapped in hot coils, which provides even transfer of heat. This creates a gentle and comfortable source of warmth.
  • Healthier heat. Infrared heaters heat up the room without reducing its oxygen and humidity content. So it will not dry out your skin and sinuses, and not cause static electricity.
  • Environmentally friendly. These appliances don’t add anything to the air in the room, such as toxic by-products or carbon combustion. They also have no fuel lines and open fuel flames.
  • Efficient heating. Since the heater warms only the area and objects located in right in front of it, there’s no waste of energy for heating the entire room. Also, these units work by producing the heat instantly and there is no waste of energy for preheating the room. So these heaters are efficient and cost-effective.
  • Minimum maintenance. There’s no air filters to replace and lubrication to be done. The maintenance is extremely minimal. There are only the reflectors that will require periodical cleaning.
  • Stylish design. Many of the infrared heaters also come in a stylish design. Like the models we have recommended above, many come in furniture-like wood finish. That look will compliment almost any home décor. Most of them are also usually compact and portable.

The Downsides

  • Limited warming. Cannot warm up an entire room and their heat travels only in a direct line. So to have the heat produced by the unit, you need to be sitting directly in front of it. If you are moving around the room a lot, it might not be ideal for you. However, some of the infrared heaters have enough power to warm up the entire room, though still the objects in the immediate vicinity will have the most heat.
  • No heat when off. When you turn off a heater, it instantly stops radiating heat. The units don’t warm up the air, so the room will lose its heat very quickly. In comparison, other types of heaters will have the air in the room warmed up, so the temperature will drop gradually. Also, they have a heating element that produces the warmth, and for which it takes time to cool off once the heater is turned off. So after shut-off, it will still be producing heat for some time.