Are Infrared Heaters More Efficient?

Infrared heaters are considered more energy efficient in comparison to central heating system and convection type heaters. Convective heaters require a higher heat load to get the air in the room to a certain temperature, so the energy requirements are higher. So convection heaters require higher capacity. Convection heating has warm air mixing with cold […]

Are Infrared Heaters Safe?

They are considered to be safe for both commercial and residential use. However, as with any other heater, precaution should be taken. So combustible objects such paper, wood and fabrics should be kept at a safe distance from the unit. For proper work of the heater, make sure to strictly follow the installation and maintenance […]

How Does a Kerosene Heater Work?

A most efficient kerosene heater is powered by kerosene. It is important that you remember that kerosene fuel is completely different from gasoline so you should purchase kerosene fluid rather than gasoline to power the heater. You should always read the instructions carefully and make sure that you understand how to use it safely before […]

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