DeLonghiInfrared heaters are considered to be safe for both commercial and residential use. However, as with any other heater, precaution should be taken.  Combustible objects such paper, wood, and fabric should be kept at a safe distance from the unit. To ensure proper use of the heater, make sure to follow the installation and maintenance guidelines. The infrared light generated by these devices is safe for human usage even though many people get concerned when hearing the word radiation.  However, infrared radiation is not ultraviolet radiation, so it is a perfectly natural and safe form of radiation.

To ensure that you will be safe with an infrared heater, check the appliance specifications to make sure that it is equipped with the essential safety features.  Make sure that the heater comes with overheat protection, which will automatically shut the unit off in case of overheating.  The infrared heating device also comes with tip-over protection, which is usually in the form of a switch that cuts the power off if the unit gets knocked over.