Today’s under floor heating technology is a much more affordable method of heating the bathroom and other areas of your home. Usually, the bathroom is heated with heated water that flows through pipes or by electricity cables. Many folks prefer to have this cutting edge technology for heating their lavatory. However, most of them are unaware of the cost factor. Well, a number of factors go into calculating underfloor bathroom heating cost.

Cost of under floor bathing room heating

How much you need to expend is the most important question that flashes your mind when you think about heating your bathing area with this innovative technology. Well, the answer varies quite a bit depending on a number of parameters. Some of the common parameters are discussed briefly.

Bathroom size

The size of your lavatory is perhaps the most significant factor that will affect your budget. The larger the bathroom, the higher the cost will be. On the other hand, a small sized lavatory will not require too much investment.

Desired temperature

The cost of heating varies directly with your preferred temperature. For example, if you want to maintain a higher temperature within the bathing room, you will have to incur a higher cost. Going for a medium temperature, on the other side, will reduce your budget.

Power rate

If power tariffs are higher in your area, it will affect your budget unfavorably. You can reduce your heating cost by opting for highest insulation levels. A well insulated room will retain heat, and this will impact your budget favorably. Aside from this, consider using off-peak power (if available) instead of standard tariffs to save money.

How much heat (heat output) you can expect for your bathing area

Now that you are familiar with the common cost parameters, it’s time to ascertain the amount of heat you will get for your bathroom. The heat output is around 200 watts per square meter for higher comfort levels and a faster response time. Most of the lavatory heating systems use advanced thermostat for measuring and regulating temperature. Such an advanced control system ensures that energy is not wasted and also avoids peaks and troughs related to various other forms of heating.

Estimated cost of underfloor heating for a bathroom

Let us calculate the estimate for a 4 square meter bathroom floor (excluding shower/bath/vanity). A typical bathing room installation would require a 600 to 800 watt system (based on 90 days * 4 hours per day * 0.8 kilowatt = 288 kilowatts per hour). If the standard tariff rate is 18 cents per hour, the running cost of heating your bathroom will be about 50 dollars for the initial three months period. It is possible to reduce this cost by 40 percent by using off-peak power. You can also use an online calculator to figure out the cost by entering essential parameters in the calculator.

Bottom line

Having the underfloor technology for heating your lavatory or other rooms is a big plus in modern times. However, you should take into consideration various factors that account for calculating underfloor bathroom heating cost. If you lack information in this matter, read the above guidelines, and you could get a fair estimate on using this heating technology.