Electric Wall Mounted Space Heater Safety

  • Before you install the heater, you should make sure that you have sufficient electrical provisions to your room. You may need to add an additional fuse for the new heater so that it won’t overload your current circuit. You should remember that electrical heaters require a large amount of power to create the heat that is required.
  • Another thing that you should check before a wall mounted heater is installed is that your wall can support the weight of it. Wall heaters have robust designs, but this also means that they are often heavy. You should ensure that your wall can bear the weight of the heater. It is not usually suitable to install a wall mounted heater on a studded wall or a non-load bearing wall unless it has been reinforced in some way. If you are unsure, you should check with a qualified professional.
  • When you are installing your wall heater, you should be sure to install it away from any furniture that may be in the room. Look out for nearby drapes or blinds, as these can be hazardous. You should also take care with any new furnishings. You should try to keep the space below the heater as clear as possible.
  • Be sure to place your wall heater away from any fuels that could cause a fire risk. Whilst electrical heaters are safe, they do produce a large amount of heat, and this can be dangerous for any flammable fuels that may be nearby.

Try to get your heater serviced regularly, especially as it begins to get older. Ensuring that the heater is working properly not only prolongs the life of the heater, but it can also give you peace of mind that the heater is operating safely. Any problems that may arise from a faulty heater could affect other appliances on the same electrical circuit.

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