There are many different types of space heaters available from a number of different manufacturers.  You have to look at their energy efficiency, features, size, and of course, the price so you can choose the best space heater for your home.

You also have to look at wattage, heating type, convenience features, and safety features, as well as other factors that will determine the overall performance of the space heater. As a general rule, infrared and oil filled space heaters are best for larger areas and ceramic heaters are a better portable option as they are usually much smaller and compact.

best space heater

The area in which you will be using the space heater is a major consideration in your search to find the best space heater.  People use space heaters for different reasons, so you have to consider the size of the room, efficiency of the heater, and safety precautions needed when using a space heater.

Space heaters can come in many different sizes and shapes and they also come with a wide range of features.  Some space heaters are best suited for large areas while others are better suited for smaller areas and for heating your personal space, such as an office environment.  

When you take all of these facts in consideration, it is no surprise that finding the best space heater is not an easy decision.  In this article, we will review the different criteria you should keep in mind when selecting a space heater and provide you with our recommendation for the best space heaters available today.

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What is a Space Heater

Space heaters are small devices that produce and dispense heat quickly.  They operate on electricity and there are three major types of heaters available.  Oil filled, infrared, and ceramic are the most popular types of space heaters available.  

Space heaters can be used for the main source of heat for a home or building.  They are great sources of heat during power outages, construction areas without heat, or garage areas.  It is recommended by many experts to have a space heater available in your home as a backup heat source for emergencies.     

Space heaters can also operate as a supplemental heat source to an existing home heating system  Every home has cold spots, typically a bathroom or bedroom with inadequate heating, so adding a space heater is an affordable way to stay warm.  They can also help save money on heating bills by allowing you to keep the overall house temperature lower while using space heaters to heat only frequently used rooms.  There are many different options available which we provide details on below.  

Best Space Heater

Depending on the type of space heater and model you choose, they can come with a wide array of convenience and safety features.  Some have timers, digital thermostats, automatic shutoff, oscillating fans, and almost all have the standard safety features.

The correct way to choose the best space heater is by determining the size of the room that needs to be heated and then selecting the type of heater.  Keep in mind that there are countless designs and models within each type of heater.  But, the most important things to consider are wattage and size of room.

Space heaters consist of a frame, heating element, fan or blower, thermostat, handle, and button controls for speed and temperature.  They are usually light weight and can be easily moved from room to room.  

Types of Heaters

Selecting a space heater can be tricky, especially if you are unsure what type to purchase.   Regardless if you will be the person using it or if it is for the home, the amount of heat it produces and the size of the area are the two most important factors you have to keep in mind.

Infrared Heater

Infrared space heaters heat an area using quartz infrared bulbs quickly.  They consist of PTC and quartz elements which make them one of the most efficient heating sources on the market.  Infrared heaters heat objects in the room maximizing the amount of heat quicker than any other type of space heater.  Some of the leading brands of infrared heaters are Dr Infrared, Lifesmart, and Duraflame.  Infrared space heaters are a great option for large rooms and typically deliver up to 1500 watts, depending on the model.  Most infrared models also come with remote controls, timers, and automatic shutoff with tip over protection.

Ceramic Heater

Ceramic space heaters produce a lot of heat quickly as air is heated over ceramic and aluminum.  The majority of ceramic heaters are either tower shaped or compact, making them an excellent portable option.  The leading brand of ceramic space heaters is Lasko.  A lasko ceramic heater is one of the most dependable and best space heaters on the market.  The lasko ceramic tower heater and the Lasko 754200 are popular portable options which can used in cubicles and offices.  Lasko heaters come in many different models, ranging from towers to table tops, some that oscillate to provide whole room coverage, and almost all of them come with automatic shutoff protection. 

Oil Filled Heater

Oil filled space heaters are designed for heating medium to large rooms such as a bedroom or living room.  An oil filled space heater delivers silent, evenly distributed heat utilizing oil which does not need to be changed.   Two of the leading brands in oil filled space heaters are DeLonghi and Honeywell.  Oil filled heaters produce up to 1500 watts of power and consist of a permanently seal oil reservoir that never needs to be refilled.  Most of the DeLonghi and Honeywell models come equipped with adjustable thermostats with multiple heat level settings, timers, and automatic thermal shutoff for safety.  

best space heater

If you are not sure what you need to think about when buying a space heater, keep reviewing this guide to learn more about the different options and details you should take into consideration.

What is the Most Energy Efficient Space Heater

The most energy efficient space heater depends on how you will be using the heater and the type of room it is being used in.  Typically, the most energy efficient space heaters are infrared or oil filled heaters.  Ceramic heaters are typically used to heat yourself, for example in an office setting under your desk or to add extra heat to a bedroom or bathroom.

This means that you need to keep the size of the room and wattage in mind when determining the most energy efficient space heater.  We have reviewed many space heaters and have selected the two of the most energy efficient heaters available today.  The most energy efficient oil filled heater is the DeLonghi EW7707CB while the most energy efficient infrared heater is the Dr Heater Infrared space heater.   Take a look at our in depth reviews of each heater by clicking on the link above.  

When choosing the best space heater, you should look at:

1 - Size of Area to Heat

The size of the area to be heated is the major consideration to take into account when trying to find the best space heater for your needs.  An oil filled or infrared heater are better suited for larger areas while ceramic heaters are best for smaller spaces and office settings.  Also, if you will be regularly moving the heater between rooms, a compact ceramic model might be your best choice in a space heater.

best space heater

On the other hand, oil filled and infrared models are larger and heavier but usually offer additional features such as oscillating fans, digital thermostats, timers, and additional safety features.

2- Wattage

Because there are many models available, you need to make sure you find a space heater that fits your needs.  This means finding a powerful and durable space heater that will put out 1500 watts of power.  Most space heaters are available with two heat settings, usually 900 and 1500 watts.  Make sure to purchase a space heater that is capable of 1500 watts of power to ensure that you will have enough power to heat whatever room you need.  

Many manufacturers have made a name for themselves by regularly delivering durable products throughout the years. Later in this article, we will highlight some of the best models available today and the reputable manufacturers that are responsible for their creation.

3- Portability

As we have mentioned before, the most important aspect of finding the best space heater is size and wattage.  People who want to use a space heater in multiple rooms or locations want a heater that is portable.  Oil filled and infrared heaters tend to be larger and bulkier while ceramic heaters are smaller and compact.  Knowing how you will be using the heater is an important factor in deciding which heater is best for you.  

4- Safety Features

Each space heater comes with a different set of safety features, but most of them come with the standard safety options.  Automatic overheat protection comes standard in almost every model today as well as automatic shutoff tip over protection.   Common safety guidelines should always be followed when using a space heater such as keeping the heater away from a water source and not placing the space heater close to flammable objects.

5- Convenience Features

Most quality space heaters come equipped with a digital thermostat and timer to allow you to program the desired temperature and length of time to remain on.  As you can imagine, there are numerous styles and shapes to choose from, all of which directly affect your heater's performance.

best space heater

As a general rule, ceramic space heaters are smaller and better portable options, so they tend to have less convenience features.  Oil filled and infrared heaters tend to be larger and bulkier and come equipped with more convenience features.  

7- Additional Features And Accessories

Different space heater models can come with different features and accessories.  Some can include thermostats, timers, oscillating fans, wheels, and carry handles that allow them to be easily transported.  Some models feature a remote control from which you can control the temperature, timer and turning the heater on and off.

Space Heater Manufacturers

Lasko Heater

Lasko heaters are manufactured by the well known Lasko Products company which has been engineering quality home products for over 100 years.  They are manufacturers of fans, heaters, air purifiers, as well as  many other household products so you can rest assured Lasko products are quality products.

DeLonghi Heater

DeLonghi is another very well known and trusted manufacturer in household products.  DeLongi products include coffee machines to a wide variety of kitchen products as well as home comfort products including heaters, air conditioners, and humidifiers.  DeLonghi offers a trusted warranty on all of their products as well as having excellent customer service. 

Dr Infrared Heater

Dr infrared heater is the manufacturer of the original and best selling infrared heater ever manufactured; Dr Infrared heater.  Dr heater is by far the most trusted brand in infrared heaters and most people agree this is the most energy efficient space heater available.  

Best Infrared Space Heater

The best infrared space heater should be energy efficient and powerful.  Moreover, it should also be durable, safe, and have an affordable price tag for the features it offers.

Winner:  Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

The Dr Infrared heater is designed and manufactured by Dr Heater USA, one of the most reputable brands of infrared space heaters.  This powerful and energy efficient space heater provides a lot of heat and enhanced functionality.

The Dr Heater line is famous for developing and manufacturing infrared heaters, and the Dr Heater will not disappoint.  This awesome infrared heater is extremely energy efficient and will deliver up to 1500 watts of power.

Although most models tend to sacrifice energy efficient for more heat, the Dr Heater offers an efficiency that was designed with practicality in mind.  This space heater weighs 24 pounds and use 12.5 amps of power delivering up to 1500 watts of power.

Dr Infrared Heater

Our Rating

Not only is the Dr Heater powerful and energy efficient, but it’s also one of the quietest models in its category.  In addition to being powerful, quiet, and efficient at the same time, this Dr Heater also offers great number of safety features .

The Dr Infrared Heater comes with an auto energy savings feature which helps conserve energy while in use.  It comes with built in tip-over protection as well as overheat protection so you can rest assured this is a safe heating device.  Dr heater also comes with dual heating systems featuring a quartz tube and PTC which features a 12 hour automatic shutoff.

Dr Heater has designed this great product that includes all of the necessary convenience and safety features, while being known for being the most energy efficient space heater today.

Priced at a very affordable price point, available with Amazon Prime and with great customer rating and satisfaction, we can’t recommend this model enough. 

Best Ceramic Heater

Winner: Lasko 755320 Ceramic Heater

Lasko is another well-known home products manufacturer that has been delivering high-quality and durable products for years. The company specializes in providing home comfort products and has been in business for over 100 years.

The reason why we selected the Lasko 755320 as the best ceramic heater is because it can give any space heater on the market a run for its money.  It is ideal for a portable space heater but powerful enough to heat a large room.  The Lasko 755320 is a quality ceramic tower heater that is durable, powerful, and dependable and can be easily transported everywhere you go.  

Lasko 755320

Our Rating

The Lasko 755320 ceramic tower heater delivers up to 1500 watts of power.  At only 8.75 pounds, 8.5" x 7.25" and 23" tall this is a very portable heating device.  You can easily transport this space heater between rooms and it is compact enough to place in a bathroom or bedroom if space is an issue.

It’s evident that this ceramic space heater was designed with convenience and safety in mind and why it is rated the best in its class.  The top of the heater features push button controls with digital display along with high and low heat settings.  The Lasko 755320 comes with a programmable thermostat, 8 hour timers, is ETL listed, and features widespread oscillation.  

Finally, the Lasko 755320 ceramic tower heater makes a great choice because it brings a low price tag and is available through Amazon Prime.  This, combined with the fact that is was built with durability in mind makes it one of the best choices available.

Runner Up:  Lasko CD09250 Ceramic Heater

The Lasko CD09250 is the smallest and most compact space heater available.  It is another model by the trusted Lasko brand and this little heating device packs a big punch. 

At only 3.5 pounds, 5.7' x 7" x 9" this model is an ideal solution for a table top or under desk space heater.  It has manual controls and 3 heat settings of high of 1500 watts, low of 900 watts, and fan only setting.  It has an adjustable thermostat for personalized comfort, a handle for easy carry, and automatic overheat protection.  

The Lasko CD09250 is the perfect solution for a supplement heat source in a bathroom, bedroom, or under your desk in an office environment.  It's compact size makes this heater very easy to move between rooms and does not have a large footprint. 

Lasko heater

Our Rating

The built-in handle on the back of the unit makes it easy to move to another room.  Although the heater does not have a mounting option its small size makes this an ideal heater to place on a nightstand or desk to provide a little extra warmth.

The Lasko ceramic heater is only available in black but is a very affordable option for a compact heater. Many people purchase this heater to leave at work for those cold winter days or when the heating system is not working as expected.  It does not take much space to store, as it easily fits in an office drawer or file cabinet.    

The Lasko CD09250 has one of the most affordable price tags on the market today, and most customers are giving it a great rating as it has thousands of reviews.  It certainly gets our seal of approval as one of the best ceramic heaters on the market.

Best Oil Filled Heater

Winner:  DeLonghi EW7707CB Oil Filled Heater

The DeLonghi EW7707CB is an extremely efficient way to heat any large size room and save more in the meantime.  This oil filled radiator space heater produces heat by a permanently sealed oil reservoir that never needs to be refilled.

DeLonghi Heater

Our Rating

This oil filled space heater is the perfect solution for medium to large sized rooms that need extra heat.  It delivers 1500 watts of power and features a ComforTemp button that cuts energy costs by automatically maintaining the ideal room temperature.  The EW7707CB is very user friendly offering an adjustable thermostat and three different heat settings so it is easy to find the optimal temperature. 

The unit comes with easy snap on wheels which makes it easy to move between rooms.  It also has thermal cutoff and an anti-freeze setting to prevent the pipes from freezing.  The unit measures 10.75" W x 13.75" D x 25" high so the unit is fairly large but very portable due the wheels.  

The Delonghi EW7707CB is also ranked as one of the most energy efficient space heaters on the market, in addition to the Dr Infrared Heater.  Both of these units will heat large rooms, are extremely energy efficient, and will save you money while heating your home. 

Runner-Up: DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater

An alternative an oil filled radiator space heater, the DeLonghi HMP1500 mica panel is our runner up.  The DeLonghi HMP1500 utilizes mica panel heaters as the method of warming a room.  The best part about this heater is that it can fit just about anywhere, providing the ability to mount on the wall like it was a piece of art.  

The unit weighs in at 8 pounds, is 27 inches wide, 22 inches high, and 10 inches wide with the wheel base.   In addition to the wheels, there is a convenient carry handle for easy transport.  The wheel base can be quickly removed and the heater can be hung on a wall with the included mounting kit.  

Designed with heat in mind, the HMP1500 comes equipped with 2 heat settings of 750 and 1500 watts.  It also comes with thermal cut-off and an automatic tip-over switch in case the unit becomes unstable.   

DeLonghi HMP1500

Our Rating

The DeLonghi Mica Panel heater is the perfect blend of functionality and style.  This heater can be mounted on any wall in a living room or bedroom and fit right into to the décor of the room. 

Lastly, the DeLonghi HMP1500 is an energy efficient heater that provides plenty of heat while saving money.  The ability to mount this unit on a wall has earned our recommendation as one of the best space heaters available today.  

Final Verdict

Choosing the best space heater is not straight forward, but by following the tips above, you should be able to find the best space heater for your needs.  Always remember to keep wattage and energy efficiency in mind to find the best heating device for your specific needs.