A radiant floor heating system is a mat or plate system that is fitted to your floor structure before you place a finishing layer over the top. This finishing layer could be laminate flooring, tile, carpet and even granite, stone and marble. The mat uses electrical cables or water pipes to warm up the surface of the mat, and this heat is then transferred to the finishing flooring. The result is a beautifully warmed floor that is not only pleasant to walk on, but your whole room can be heated too using the radiant heat mat.

These top 6 best radiant floor heating reviews will give you an insight into just some of the great heating systems that you can choose from. We have also included a helpful guide that explains a little more about these systems to help you understand how they operate a little better.

You can choose to integrate the best into your current central heating thermostatic system or you could keep it as a standalone option.

Ready for some warm feet?

HeatTechHoneywell TH115-AF-240S thermostatZero Electromagnetic Field, 1/8" thick heating cable, 10 ft cold lead
Lacoste SunTouchSunStat PRO II Programmable ThermostatWarmWire Spool, Coil(s) strap, Sensor Wire, LoudMouth, 1/8" wire
Warming SystemsAube Digital Floor Sensing Thermostatmesh can be cut, Floor Sensor Wire, Twisted Pair for Zero EMF, Single Cold Lead
SunTouch Heat Mat-20 Sq Ft - Uses 2.0 AMPS, Dual wire technology
Nuheat Floor Heat Mat-60" x 36" 120V
SunRayDigital Floor Sensing ThermostatFloor Sensor Wire, mat is adhesive backed, Dual Voltage

What Is The Best Electric Floor Heating System?

Warming Systems Electric Radiant Floor Heat Heating System Mat

This Warming Systems Electric Radiant Floor Heat Heating System Mat is available in a range of sizes so that you can find the perfect fit for your flooring. It is a high quality radiant heating mat that requires electrical power to operate.

A run of cable runs through this mat with 3 inch spacing between the patterns of cable. This ensures that the heat produced by this mat can be evenly distributed across the surface of your floor.

This mat has a very low profile, so when you add it to your flooring, you will not notice much of an increase in the height of your floor. To operate correctly, it is essential to embed the mat into a polymer modified cement based mortar. This sets the mat in place whilst ensuring good contact with the finishing surface.

There is just one lead that comes off this mat so you don’t have to worry about creating a circuit with the thermostat.

You can install this heating under a variety of flooring finishes including vinyl, tile, laminate, carpet and even stone and brick to create a warming and radiant floor.

This heating not only warms the floor itself, but also the surrounding space as the warm air rises from the floor level so you can enjoy a beautifully warmed room.


Heattech Electric Tile Radiant In Floor Heating Mat

This radiant heating mat is a great choice if you want to have something that is quick to install and reliable. The Heattech Electric Tile Radiant Floor Heating Mat is suitable for use in both commercial and residential settings and has many great benefits for the user.

You can purchase this mat in various different sizes so that you can choose the perfect one for your task. It can be laid below tile, stone, granite and even marble flooring to provide even and well distributed heat to any area that is touches.

This heating mat does not come with a thermostatic controller or any accessories, but it does have a useful manual to explain how to install this heating mat. It can be installed without any professional assistance and you should ensure that you install the mat before you lay any finishing on your floor.

This is a high quality mat with 3 inch heating cable spacing to ensure that you can enjoy a well-distributed heat across your floor. You can easily append this heating mat to your existing electrical heating system thanks to the 10 foot armored cable that comes with this mat.


Lacoste Suntouch Radiant Floor Heating Cable System

The Lacoste Suntouch Radiant Floor Heating Cable System is a high tech radiant heating system that comes in different parts to enable you to purchase the exact system that you need.

You can choose to purchase a complete kit if you wish, and you can choose from a range of kits, with or without thermostatic controls, depending on your requirements.

The warmwire cable is used to create a run of cabling that is strapped into the heat distribution mat. The cable heats up and the warmth is then dispersed across the mat. When flooring is overlaid onto the cable system, the mat transfers heat to the surface so that you can enjoy toasty warm flooring that keeps your whole room warm.

This cable system has a programmable thermostatic control if you wish to use one. It has a digital display and advanced controls so that you can set timers and accurately set the temperature that you want the system to operate at.

This cable system has a thin profile so that it will not raise the level of your floor too much.

The 3-inch spacing means that there is still plenty of heat distributed to the flooring, but you can install the system faster than the 2.5-inch alternatives.


Lacoste SunTouch Electric Radiant Floor Heating Mat

If you’re looking for the perfect way to add comforting warmth to the flooring in your home or business, you should consider the Lacoste SunTouch Electric Radiant Floor Heating Mat. This mat can be easily and quickly installed to flooring before you place the final flooring over the top to enjoy evenly distributed warmth not just for the floor, but also for the entire room.

You can lay tiles, stone and laminate over the heating among many others so that you can enjoy having warm feet when you step over it.

A twin braided design means that there is no electromagnetic field created. This makes this a highly safe radiant heating mat to use.

The Lacoste SunTouch Electric Radiant Floor Heating Mat is made from the highest quality of cabling and parts so that you can enjoy a good quality and reliable product. A long 25-year manufacturer’s warranty protects this mat against any problems so that you can have peace of mind that you will be able to enjoy warm floors for many years to come.

There are various size options available for these radiant floor mats so that you can install heat in your home to the area where you need it.


Nuheat Floor Heat Mat

The Nuheat Floor Heat Mat is one of the easiest radiant floor heater mats to install that are available on the market today. This is installed in a similar way to tiles and can be installed by the home DIY user. You can install this mat without any special tools and you don’t need to know any techniques. Instructions are supplied so that you can have this heater installed in no time.

You should remember to purchase a Nuheat Thermostat, as this is required to control and power the heat mat.

You can enjoy a long 25-year warranty on these heat mats. Nuheat are so sure of the quality and standard of their products that they are willing to protect your purchase against any faults for 25 years when you use these mats with a tile over floor or a stone floor.

This heater is also covered for 10 years when you use it with a laminate or wood floor.

This heat mat is available and a variety of sizes, and if you need to, you can use more than one mat to cover the surface of your floor. This makes this heat mat suitable for any project size.

Sunray Electric Radiant Floor Heating

The Sunray Electric Radiant Floor Heating is a great choice for those who want to install warm heated flooring into their homes or businesses. Electric heating options are great for flooring as you can expect an even and comfortable heat across the surface of the floor. This heat mat provides reliable warmth to your floor whilst heating the rest of the room too.

The Sunray heating system is quiet and you wont even notice it running. Because it runs off electricity and not a gas powered hydronic system, you can be sure that there can be no leaks or smells. You can also be sure that this heating system will be economical to run as it has a good efficiency rating. Whether you’re planning to install this heating into a new building or a renovation, or if you simply want to update your current flooring, this heating system can offer you many great benefits.

There are various types of heating that you can choose from including in slab, in-screed, under tile, under wood and you can even choose commercial heating too.

You can enjoy a 20-year full warranty on all Sunray electric floor heating. This can give you complete peace of mind that you are purchasing a product that is built to last.

What Is Radiant Floor Heating?

A radiant floor heating system is one that is fully concealed by the floor. It consists of either an electrical mat, or a hydronic system with pipes and plates. Everything that the system touches is warmed and this results in a toasty warm floor. If you’ve ever woken on a cold winter’s morning and stepped onto cold tiles with bare feet, you’ll know just how uncomfortable this experience is. With this, that bathroom floor could be warmed up and you’ll never have to reach for your slippers again before leaving your bedroom.

It can be either integrated into the rest of your home’s heating system or it could be kept independent. A hydronic system can be easily integrated into your existing central heating system so that your flooring can provide the heat for the room that it has been installed in. This can save you money and wall space, as you won’t need to have an additional heater in the room where it has been installed.

An electric radiant underfloor heating system can be either wired into your electric circuit and your existing heating controller or you can alternatively use a plug socket and use the heating as a standalone heater. You can save energy if you make your electric radiant heating system independent from the rest of the heating in your home. You don’t need to turn on the entire heating system just to have a warm bathroom floor for example.

Radiant heating is flexible, and can be installed in homes that have floorboards or into solid flooring. You should be prepared for some drastic work however as installing this kind of heating system involves pulling up the whole of your existing floor. Radiant heating can be tiled over without losing any heat. Proper insulation and guidelines should be followed to ensure maximum efficiency.

Cost To Operate

This is going to depend on the model you choose and how much you use it.  Refer to the model’s instructions to see how much power it pulls.

Types of In Floor Heating Options

There are really only two different kinds of radiant floor heating.

  • The first kind is electrical. This system is connected to your home’s electricity supply with the use of a plug, or it can be hard wired if you wish. It should have its own circuit breaker. This kind of system is ideal for those who want an independent heating system or for those who don’t have a gas boiler for their heating supply. If your existing heating system is electrical, then this is probably the best kind of radiant floor heating for your needs. You can purchase an insulating floorboard layer to stop heat from escaping downwards, and usually you can tile directly over the top of this kind of heating if you wish.
  • The other kind of radiant floor heating is hydronic heating. This required the use of a boiler central heating system, and it must be integrated with your existing system in order for it to work. You can usually regulate the hydronic system however with the use of a thermostatic valve. If you would prefer however, you can control the temperature of your home’s central heating system globally.

In addition to these two main kinds you can choose from a few different installation methods too. Some heating systems are designed to be used over the top of a solid floor. If you have concrete floors, this kind of system is idea. It can be simply screened over and then tiled for a flawless finish. The other option is an under floor system. This is better if you have a wooden floor. The floorboards need to be lifted, and then insulation is packed into the joists below. After this, the heating system is secured to the joists, and then the floorboards are replaced. You can then tile the floor as usual.


If you are thinking about choosing a radiant heating system for your home, this guide is a good tool to use to plan your purchase.

Electrical heating systems are becoming more common and popular as they are cheap and reliable to fit and can be installed into most floors in commercial or residential properties. These best radiant floor heating reviews are an insight into some of the great heating mats that you can purchase, and regardless of the over floor that you’re thinking of, most of these mats can be used under any flooring kind.

If you purchase any of these heating mats, you’ll be able to benefit from a beautifully heated floor that you can walk over barefooted. There will be no more mornings where you have to run across the bathroom floor on your tiptoes to try to avoid the coldness in the winter and instead of reaching for your slippers, you will be happy to walk across the warm floor, which you can set to warm up before you wake with the use of your home’s central heating thermostat.