Take a look at the infrared heater reviews below to help you compare the top infrared heaters on the market.  Infrared heaters are an excellent choice to provide extra heat for any type of room.  Infrared heaters are designed to heat all of the objects in a room, not just the air. Infrared heaters are energy efficient, durable and require minimal maintenance.  If you are looking for the top infrared heaters on the market that will provide you best value for your money, take a look at the infrared heater reviews below.   We have reviewed the best infrared space heaters on the market so choose which model best suits for your needs.


Infrared Heater Reviews:

Dr Infrared Quartz + PTC

This infrared heater for home comes from the popular Dr Infrared brand. This is a powerful space heater with 5200 BTUs that’s designed for heating space of up to 1000 sq. ft. The Dr Infrared Quartz + PTC features a modular design and a construction from galvanized steel. It’s built for durability and long lasting work and is provided by a 3 year warranty. It’s designed for long lasting operation with 80,000 hours of operation.

The infrared quartz heater includes 3 power settings: Auto, high at 1500 watts and low at 1000 watts. It also features an electric thermostat. You can use the energy saving mode by setting up the temperature between 50 to 86 F. Then the thermostat will cycle the heater on and off to regulate it at the set temperature. It also comes with a remote control, giving more convenience in controlling the heater.

Dr Infrared features a dual heating system, which produces maximum heat transfer. It combines the quartz heat with the convection heat, which helps to heat the space fast and comfortably.

This infrared quartz unit is certified by UL, giving the highest safety standard. Its safety features are: doesn’t have exposed heating elements so it’s perfectly safe with children and pets around, shut-off overheating protection and tip-over protection.

It has received multiple positive feedback in the quartz infrared space heater reviews of users and has a good rating. Its great features and an excellent design make this unit one of the top home infrared heaters.


LifeSmart Power Plus 6 Element

One more great energy saving infrared heater by the LifeSmart brand. LifeSmart Power Plus is designed for heating rooms with up to 1500 square footage. This unit equips 6 quartz infrared elements. Each one is wrapped in a metal coil that acts as a heat exchanger. Having 6 elements it produces more heat.

Other great features is the Lifetime Air Filter. The power use of this appliance is 1500 watts but you can also use it in the Eco setting, in which the unit will use only 500 watts. It’s a great way to save energy.

The exterior of the LifeSmart Power Plus is made all wood from stylish Quakerstown dark oak. The wood doesn’t heat up during the operation of the heater. Some similar features to the other LifeSmart models we have mentioned include the electronic thermostat, timer and a remote control. The warranty for this quartz heating unit is 3 years.


iLiving Infrared Space Heater with Dual Heating System

iLiving portable heaters are one more great choice for heating a room of up to 1000 square feet and this model makes the best infrared quartz heater from the brand. Its durable construction is designed for long lasting use. It features a new blower technology that allows this unit extremely quiet operation with the noise level at just 39 dB.

The dual heating system is the combination of infrared quartz tube and PTC technologies. 3 modes include high and low settings, and an auto energy saving mode. The portable unit comes with a remote control. Also the iLiving infrared heater is equipped with an electronic thermostat for setting the temperature in the 50-86 degrees range.

The infrared quartz unit features safety systems for tip over or overheating of the unit. Also the exterior parts don’t heat up and are safe to the touch. The safety features are ensured as it is UL listed.



Resource Partners Enterprises A5095 Eden Gen2 Pure

Resource Partners Enterprises A5095 features a space saving design with its compact size. This includes its light weight for easy portability. The heating capacity is up to 1000 square feet with the wattage of operation at 1500 watts. It’s equipped with PTC infrared heat elements. It also includes an electronic thermostat, a function for just keeping the fan running for air circulation.

Dr Infrared DR999

The rated capacity of this unit is 1000 square feet. The dual heating system includes both the infrared quartz tube and PTC. Dr Infrared DR999 features a nightstand design that has a furniture grade cabinet. It can produce heat and add a nice touch to the bedroom décor. The electronic thermostat can be set for a desirable temperature with the range 50 to 86 degrees.

What Are Infrared Heaters?

Infrared quartz heaters are units that create heat similar to the sun. This infrared light isn’t visible to the eye, but it gets absorbed by our skin and the objects around us, increasing their temperature. That’s how infrared heaters warm up the objects around it.  In direct sunlight it’s warmer than in the shade, which blocks out a lot of the light. They will warm up the objects that are located directly in front of it. They can be of different type and there are many different specifications. They can run on different source of power, such as electricity, propane or gas. They come in different designs and sizes. These heaters can have different controls and output levels.

Types of Infrared Heaters

Infrared Radiant Heaters

Infrared radiant heaters are energy efficient and usually heat a spot or object. They are usually compact, portable and can be used anywhere in the house.  Infrared heaters heat up in minutes, so you can quickly feel the effects.

Infrared Room Heaters

Infrared room heaters work with more heating power and can heat up a whole room of up to 1000 square feet, some can even handle more. For operation they also need to be plugged in into a standard wall outlet. They usually operate at about 1500 watts, so you can save some money here as the central heaters usually use over 5000 watts.

High Intensity

This type can also be referred to as luminous heaters, spot heaters, radiant heaters, plaque heaters, or box heaters. The combustion process in high intensity heaters takes place on a ceramic tile surface, the surface of which can have temperatures about 1800 F. If the equipment is producing a higher temperature, it will need to have higher clearance to combustibles. The heated space should have appropriate ventilation so the products of combustion can be released and dissipated through direct-fired operation via a porous matrix refractory material. So this type is more suitable for high air change situations.

High intensity infrared heaters can also be divided into more types. They include infrared patio heaters, electric infrared heaters, infrared space heaters, and portable construction.

Patio heaters. Also called suspended heaters, free standing, radiant, mushroom style and decorative patio heaters. Typically, patio heaters feature stainless steel or ceramic radiant emitters. This type of heaters is only suitable for outdoor area heating use. These units can either be permanently installed or used as portable products. So you can use it as a free standing unit, deck mount it or suspend it.

Construction heaters. They can also be referred to as top tank heaters and portable construction heaters. These units can be used for warm up stations or for spot heat applications. They also usually have a stainless steel or ceramic emitter that turns red hot and produces heat. Construction heaters are more commonly used in outdoor applications. However, certain models can also be suitable for industrial applications and can be temporarily installed inside the buildings that are under current construction or repair. Construction heaters are not designed for residential use.

Low Intensity

This type can also be referred to as tube heaters, stick heaters, positive/negative heaters, pipe heaters, and radiant heaters. These heaters are some of the more common ones for their total producing heat. The low intensity infrared heaters usually feature a vented design, so they have the ability to use fresh air for burning. The heaters feature a tube and through this tube travel the hot exhaust gases. The tube surface temperatures can reach up to 1100 F, and this is what is considered low intensity.


Our infrared heater reviews are based on research of many different models of infrared space heaters.  The models we have chosen have received the best feedback by real users and have the best ratings. Their effectiveness and energy efficiency make them the top rated infrared heaters available. We hope that this has been helpful for you.