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The best bathroom heater can transform your bathroom into a much more enjoyable space.  Most bathrooms have inadequate heating along with cold tile flooring which can eliminated by adding a bathroom wall heater, bathroom ceiling heater, or portable Lasko ceramic heater.   SpaceHeaterCenter provides in-depth reviews of the best bathroom heater on the market and we summarize the benefits of the most popular models available.   Portable bathroom heaters, like a Lasko ceramic heater, provide a solution which can also be used in other areas of the home. A bathroom wall heater and a bathroom ceiling heater fan light combo are also other popular choices.  With so many options and sizes to choose from, it is important for you to understand the differences before purchasing the best bathroom heater for your home.  Take a look at the options below to discover the best bathroom heater for your home.

Types of the Best Bathroom Heater


Portable Heaters – such as a Lasko ceramic heater

A portable heater is the least expensive option in your search for the best bathroom heater but it is the best choice for renters.  A portable bathroom heater, such as a Lasko ceramic heater, allows you to use it to heat other parts of the house when not needed in the bathroom.  In terms of safety, a portable heater will require a GFCI electrical outlet.  Use special care if using a portable heater in the bathroom to keep it away from water.

Bathroom Wall Heater – Electric Wall Mounted Heaters

A bathroom wall heater is an excellent and popular choice for supplemental heat in your bathroom.  A bathroom wall heater is a much safer option compared with a portable bathroom heater because it is installed on a wall and away from water.  There are several energy efficient models available to choose from for your new bathroom wall heater so be sure to check the efficiency rating of your model.  Installation of a bathroom wall heater is a more difficult option but as long as there is electricity, any do-it-yourselfer can wire a bathroom wall heater.  As always,if you are not comfortable with electricity, please call an electrician for installation.

bathroom ceiling heater – electric heater fan combo

A bathroom ceiling heater is the best choice for your best bathroom heater especially if you have an existing light or fan in your bathroom.  A bathroom ceiling heater is simple to install as they are mounted on the ceiling out of the way and are the SAFEST option of all bathroom heaters.  In our opinion, the best bathroom heater is a bathroom ceiling heater as it is also one of the easiest to install.  Take a look at the reviews below to find your bathroom heater.

Bathroom Baseboard Heaters

A bathroom baseboard heater is a fixed bathroom heater that runs along the floor like other baseboard heating elements throughout a house.  Baseboard heaters provide a lot of heat in a short period of time to a bathroom.  For bathroom use, there are much better options available, such as a bathroom wall heater or bathroom ceiling heater.


Best Bathroom Heater Options Reviewed

Stiebel Eltron CK 15E Wall Mounted Electric Fan Heater

The Stiebel Eltron CK 15E 120-volt bathroom wall heater fan offers both stylish and functional design. Its elegant curved shape gives it an appealing look and compact shape which protrudes only 4.8 inches from the wall. The vent blows downwards heating the floor and provides an even distribution of warm air across the bathroom. The Stiebel bathroom wall heater comes with a built in thermostat and Nichrome heating element which provides quiet operation and uses 1500 watts.


Panasonic FV-11VH2 Whisper Warm 110 CFM Ceiling Mounted Fan, Heat Combination

One of the best bathroom ceiling heater models is the Panasonic FV-11VH2. This Panasonic model is smaller, warmer, quieter and a breeze to install. This model weighs 20.05 pounds and is 110 CFM with a mounting opening of 17 3/8″ x 12 5/8″ and features separate controls for the vent, heater, light and night light.


Holmes HFH436WGL-UM

One of the best portable bathroom heaters is the Holmes HFH436WGL-UM model. For worry free bathroom use, this unit features an ALCI plug. And for added convenience, the unit offers several options of installation. The digital thermostat allows you to choose your desired temperature while the digital clock and timer make it easy to preheat the bathroom. The two heat settings are adjustable and the maximum output is 1500 watts.


Pulsair 1501TW

The next best option is the Pulsair recessed mounted heater in a sheetrock wall. It’s a powerful unit that can heat an area up to 150 square feet. It is specifically designed for installation in bathrooms. It can also be used in entryways and mudrooms. Using the built-in thermostat you can set the unit to provide the temperature in the range from 45 F to 75 F. It features a nickel-chrome heating element that provides efficient and instant heating. It’s also a safe model with overheat protection and UL listing.


Holmes HFH442-UM

Holmes HFH442-UM is also an efficient portable heater that is also designed for safe use in bathrooms, for which it features an ALCI plug. It operates quietly and gives powerful heat.

This unit gives you great temperature control with the one touch thermostat and three settings: low/high and auto heat settings. It’s a fan forced heater, so it blows the warm air for even distribution. When using the one touch electronic thermostat, the unit will shut off once the desired temperature level is reached and helps you to save energy.


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The Bottom Line

Finding the best bathroom heater for your home can be a daunting task but it is hopefully easier now after reviewing some of the different models available. Your choice in a bathroom heater should be affordable, energy efficient, and safe, while providing you with enough warmth to enjoy your time in the bathroom. A bathroom ceiling heater or bathroom wall heater are your best options when compared to a portable or baseboard heater as safety should be your most important factor in making your decision.

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