Best Garage Heater Reviews

Best Electric Garage Heater Reviews

The best garage heater can provide you with a little extra heat in your garage, barn or workshop.  Garages are usually under insulated areas of the home which can be cold in the winter months.  Whether your garage is your man-cave, workshop, or stores your vehicles, then a garage heater would be a good investment […]

Dr Infrared Heater Review

best infrared heater

If you are looking for the best infrared heater then you have to consider the Dr Heater.  Great space heaters not only heat well, but they are also energy efficient, safe, and have an affordable price tag.  The Dr Heater heater is an excellent choice for a quality, durable infrared space heater.    Moreover, if you […]

Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater Review

Types of Heaters

Purchasing a space heater can easily become tricky and complicated process. That being said, finding the best heater can help raise the temperature in your home, so choosing the right type of heater and features is pivotal.  Lasko Products provides a broad line of space heaters to help heat the homes of its customers.    If […]

How to Find the Best Bathroom Heater

Wall Mounted Electric Fan Heater

The best bathroom heater can transform your bathroom into a much more enjoyable space.  Most bathrooms have inadequate heating along with cold tile flooring.  This can be eliminated by adding a bathroom wall heater, bathroom ceiling heater, or portable Lasko ceramic heater.  We provide in-depth reviews of the best bathroom heater on the market and […]

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